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As you may know, creating and assembling a nutcracker can take in excess of 400 steps to produce! This, even after the laborious work of preparing a design, selecting colors, and the essential dialog required with each and every customer in agreeing on how the final product should be presented. There are very few, if any, companies that can successfully accept this kind of challenge. Through the years, TRC Designs has accepted this challenge to produce 'one-of-a-kind' and Limited Editions numbering into the thousands. Here you'll see photos of some of this work with an invitation that you contact us with your ideas. We'll respond with an honest perspective that you'll likely find nowhere else in the world! Please remember that because of the time and effort required to perform custom work, we can only accept 'custom assignments' in early spring.

This item was a 'one-of-a-kind' trophy... yes, we can do 'one-of-a-kinds'.

'one-of-a-kind' wine collector

'one-of-a-kind' trombone player

So what's involved and what does it take to commission a custom product?

In 1999 The Richmond Ballet commissioned T.R.C. Designs to produce two Limited Edition products for sale as souvenirs at their production. Both products were packaged in solid wooden boxes branded with the Richmond Ballet Logo. All figures were custom designed in honor of actual cast members in The Richmond Ballet’s production of the Nutcracker. The 17-inch item was of the Nutcracker Prince with a production run of only 50 pieces. The 4-inch miniature collection included Clara, The Mouse King, The Nutcracker Prince, and Godpappa Drosselmeyer. This edition was of only 100 pieces.

Although Richmond is considered a small market, the response was dramatic with both editions selling out in just a few days! With exponential growth in the last five years and several new scales now available, we now have the capacity to grow our business on several fronts.

Here are the steps involved in producing your own custom product...

1. Provide photographs of your cast or character from which we will produce prototypes. (A minimum $350 deposit is required for an original prototype.) Of course, in some cases if no photo or image is available, we can simply design a prototype from your descriptions or ideas!
2. Specify options. (Wooden branded boxes, Bases shipped in advance for signing by cast members, Brass Nameplates, Certificate of Authentication etc.) We will be happy to assist with all available options.

We will send your prototypes with exact quotes and quantity proposals. Make your final decisions, submit a 20% deposit and we are on our way!

What will it cost?

Prices vary widely depending on several variables...
How much detail is involved? What size is the nutcracker? Will the product be a 'one-of-a-kind'? Will there be a production run to offset the cost of the design work?
... These are all questions, one answered, that will allow us to quote an estimate for your custom work.

How much time does it take?
1. Generally at least two months are required to complete a production run, no matter the quantity. (Please note that we only accept custom work in the early Spring months)
2. If your product can be produced using stock components and we have appropriate inventories on hand, we may be able to reduce the time to delivery.
3. Please remember that we have several custom accounts that all “compete” for production time, so the sooner we get your contract, the better we will be able to deliver on time. With all these variables in play, two months should be considered a guideline. Your actual time for production may vary.